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In the last few weeks there has been quite a bit circulating about ads on Instagram, from the extremes of the Mum’s Net lynch mob to post, blogs and live stories about how to make it work for you.

The way I see it, I wouldn’t browse the magazine aisle and pick up a fishing magazine. I have no interest in that. However, put a copy of Style at Home in front of me and I may well be tempted and as I flicked through it I would expect to see adverts for different products. Just because they are in there, doesn’t mean I would feel as though I needed to buy them; but if a lamp, rug, basket (love a basket) caught my eye and I wanted to buy it, then maybe I would. I see Instagram ads in pretty much the same way; I follow accounts I have an interest in, whether that’s because I love their stories, they help to reassure me that I am not the only one battling a threenager, or maybe they have amazing homes and they offer some inspiration. If they happen to post an ad for something maybe I will like it and buy it, maybe I’ll just scroll by.

Last week I read a blog post by Cara over at Within These Walls about how she earns money from her Instagram account. It was such an open and upfront post about how it works and how she makes it works for her. And it could work for anyone. The accounts which are using Instagram as a tool for earning haven’t got anything that anyone else couldn’t have. They may have thousands of followers, but can’t anyone? They may post content for a brand and be paid for it, but can’t anyone do that?

Inspired by Cara’s blog post, I signed up to Tribe and this week I posted my first sponsored post.

The way Tribe works is you can pick campaigns you want to get involved with. They vary from products, places, apps…there is a mix of things on there. Not all of them are for me, I have no interest in football so would not even consider how I could make that work for me-like the fishing magazine, I have no interest in it. However, there are some products on there which I would buy, and the way Tribe works is you need to have purchased the item in order to create the content and then submit your post to the brand. Unlike some other platforms you aren’t sent items, if you want to submit content, you need to by the product first.

The post which I put up this week was for British Land, a campaign to share places people can enjoy. ¬†Surrey Quays shopping centre isn’t far from me at all; it is my go to when I need to pick something up, want to treat myself to my favourite perfume (why don’t all Boots stock Chanel??!) or just want to have a coffee in Starbucks. I go there often, so when I saw the British Land campaign, it was something that I do. It was authentic to me. You will never see me posting an ad for go-karting or rock climbing, but shopping or gin, well now you’re talking.

This week I have also seen a few posts about #purposefulads and this got me thinking about how I could use ads on instagram as a way to continue to raise money for #GabrielsGift. Whilst I would love to be in a financial position to donate all the profits from a paid post, my reality is that my little family lives on my income alone which is currently maternity pay. So what I plan to do is donate 25% of any sponsored posts to #GabrielsGift where I am currently fundraising from ‘Little Lockets‘.

I am hoping to submit a few more posts over the coming weeks but I won’t be posting ads for something which I wouldn’t buy myself, as I will be buying it myself, and I would never post a picture on my grid which I didn’t want there, I love my little squares. (There certainly won’t be any football or fishing!)

Anyone can make ads work for them, it’s not restricted to an elite few-I’m just a mum who posts pictures of her children, things which I think are pretty and the odd drink (be it coffee or something stronger). Even if my post hadn’t been accepted, I still needed to buy bubble bath, Chanel is aways a good idea and can you ever have too many candles?

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, why not give it a whirl-what have you got to lose?






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