Project home: Dining room

A few months ago I put an offer in on a house. It was the first house I’d viewed in a long time (my previous house viewing experiences haven’t been great; one involved just poking my head round the corner of one of the bedroom doors as there was someone asleep in the bed!)

Some may say it was a bit hasty to make an offer on the first property I viewed but over the years I have looked at many online and gone to visit a fair few. I had a checklist of things I wanted from a house and this one ticked them all, and some. I could have either spent another few months looking at more houses and not finding what I wanted, or make an offer on a house with everything I wanted…so I did. Eeeek!

The offer was accepted and now I’m at the stage of solicitors doing their searches. I’m not entirely sure what they are searching for but I hope they find it soon as I am desperate to get in there and start making it our home.

Every room needs something doing to it…it is a bit of a project-maybe more than a bit– but it’s nothing I can’t find inspiration from Pinterest for, and then my builder make happen. I’m also planning on doing some of the work myself but nothing which involves heavy machinery or could go disastrously wrong. I hope.

So whilst I wait for the solicitors to do whatever solicitors do, I have started to channel my inner Great Interior Design Challenge contestant and have been thinking about how I want to transform the rooms…starting with the dining room.

Currently it looks like this…

The first thing to go in this room will be that fireplace. The plan is to have a wood burning stove in here but that will probably be a ‘later project’ as there are more pressing jobs which need doing, like getting a new bathroom as there is just something about using someone else’s tub.

I’ve started thinking about how I would perhaps use this space and have put together few ideas…in a fancy little collage. (I used the app Eraser to make backgrounds transparent and Phonto to put them all together.)

I’m planning on making a dining table myself out of reclaimed scaffolding boards and hairpin legs; I’ll buy the boards from the same place I bought my scaffolding board shelves and the legs from eBay-then I just need to put it all together…right? I’m sure there’s a YouTube video out there somewhere.

I had a little search for dining room chairs and came across these…

I love them! They are from The Conran Shop and perhaps if I didn’t have a toddler, and they didn’t cost nearly a thousand pounds each, I would have bought 6 of them. However, I do and they do, so I didn’t but they did inspire me to look for a few little gold accessories. Maybe, once Poppy has outgrown Play Doh (please tell me they outgrow it!) and I have remortgaged the new house, I’ll buy one. do have some similar-ish chairs, minus the gold legs, but I could buy enough to go around a table, and a can of spray paint, for the price of one of the gold legged beauties.

Inspired by the gold, I looked for some cushions for the sofa, as I would like to have one in the room too, especially when the stove has been put in.

The first one is from and I have just seen there is only three left in stock but I am resisting the urge to panic buy. I already have a box in the hallway with cushions in from Aldi, bought for when we move (along with two other boxes with metal trunks from La Redoute, which were also spur of them moment buys-at this rate my hallway will resemble a sorting office and I won’t be able to get past without scaling a cardboard Everest).

The second cushion, which I absolutely looooove (and if I see that there is only three left in stock, I may not be able to resit the urge) is from

I have had my eye on Miss Magpie‘s Stella McCartney’s SS09 collection print since I saw she had created it a few months ago and I have been thinking about which room I will put it in. I think it will be perfect in the dining room. I love the subtle colours and pop of teal, it’s beautiful and I cannot wait to order one.

This process is teaching me a lot of patience as I want to buy so many things but realise that the more I buy before I move, the more I will actually have to pack when we move. I have been living in my flat for 13 years-I already have a shit load of things which need moving!

More gold features on my little mood board in the shape of cutlery, I may have got rather carried away (as for the price I can only presume they are made of real gold) but they are beautiful.

Maybe when Poppy stops using the plastic cutlery she has to feed her dolls concoctions of things she finds in the fridge (yesterday it was yoghurt and ketchup, yum!) then perhaps I will invest in something other than the Ikea option.

Throw in a few more accessories, my favourite candle, some big leafy plants-which I vowel to look after- and a large wooden vase from the Range which I have had my eye on for a little while* and my vision is pretty much complete. I’m hoping the owners will leave the small glass fronted sideboard as I think with some new legs and a little bit of tlc it could be made to look quite nice…perhaps with some gold plates in. Too much?



*I keep thinking about it so I may have to go and buy it as I think I will end up with shopper’s regret! (I can just add it to my collection of boxes in the hallway.)

I’ve just remembered that I also bought these little bits from Oliver Bonus today…I really need to stop.



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