The summer of love-chelsea in bloom

This week I popped along to Chelsea to see the floral displays around Sloane Square. I’m not really a horticulturist and have no idea what many of the flowers were-other than very pretty…(and the obvious like roses and peonies-of which there were many!)

The theme was ‘Summer of Love’ and this reflected in some of the displays, whilst some were arches of flora as you walked into the shop…as if Jimmy Choo needs to be made any more tempting.

And as I just about know my rose from my rhododendron, (I didn’t actually know what a rhododendron was until I googled it, but now I do thanks to the need to alliterate) I haven’t got a huge amount of commentary…other than it was a very pretty afternoon, pretending to be an extra from Made in Chelsea.

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