Bathroom Revamp

After doing as much work as I could do myself in the house last summer, the real renovation started in September 2018. It began with the bathroom, and then simultaneously the kitchen. Because the boiler had to be moved from upstairs, into the kitchen, both rooms had to be ripped out at the same time. To say the few weeks that both rooms were out of bounds were tricky would be an understatement. But thanks to Deliveroo (Uber Eats, Just Eat…any app which brought food to our door) and my lovely friends and family who let me pop round with my towel and loofah on the way home from work, we got through the stage of no hot water.

To have the finished results, it was well worth it (although obviously at the time I thought, ‘What the f*£k have I done?’ on several occasions.

When I viewed the house I could see the potential to make the bathroom into one of dreams. Originally there was a small bathroom with a grey tub and sink, along with fetching pink walls and floral tiles. Opposite the bathroom was a separate toilet and between the two rooms, a cupboard which housed the boiler.

The idea was to knock all the space into one-simple right?

I have no idea how simple it was to knock down at the walls (I was at work on the day the demolition started) but I returned home to a very dusty house. As much as my builders attempted to minimise the mess, it was inevitable that everywhere would be covered in a film of debris. For the first few days I attempted to keep on top of it, but it defeated me and I accepted that for the next few weeks (which actually turned into months, because no matter how much you dust or vacuum, the dust always seems to resettle).

Phase 1-knock down the walls and remove all the fittings

Once the space was opened up and everything removed, the boiler taken out and a new one fitted downstairs, the ‘putting back together’ stage could begin.

New pipework was installed, all the walls re-plastered and the ceiling boarded and plastered, with spotlights put in before anything else could start going back in. All that was left in the room at this point was a toilet, which needed to be flushed manually i.e. a bucket of water-all the glamour!

Finally it all started taking shape when the walls and floor were tiled. I went for the same floor tiles as I had in the kitchen in my old flat, which are also downstairs in the hallway and kitchen. (I spent so long looking for tiles and just kept coming back to these ones, so I must have really liked them.)

Then the fun stuff started to happen, the bath, sink, shower and washing machine were able to go in. I decided to have the washing machine upstairs as it meant that there would be more space in the kitchen. It also made logistical sense, seen as that was where the clothes would end up being put away after being washed and dried (probably about 2 weeks later).

I asked my builder if he would be able to use a piece of oak, which I had left from the renovation of the flat’s kitchen, as a shelf for the basin.

Once all of the fittings were in place, a cupboard was built around the washing machine, the walls were painted, two scaffolding board shelves put up, and then I could get faffing around-the best bit!

A quick DIY with some bamboo, cable ties and black twine to make a towel ladder.
The builder made the cupboard from waterproof MDF, a piece of oak left from the kitchen work top and then I painted it in Down Pipe eggshell paint.
I saved this ‘B’ from the skip. The builders found it when they cleared out the attic; I’m not sure why it was up there, or if any other letters were thrown away but glad I managed to save this one.
Love this little fella from Dunelm.

And there is my bathroom revamp. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out; from a simple sketch, hours on Pinterest, reusing some old things and finding the perfect new fittings, as well as a builder who was amazing and found a way to make everything happen just how I asked, I have my dream bathroom.

I have entered this room into the UK Interior Awards in the category of ‘Best Room Revamp’, got to be in it to win it, right? If you’d like to vote for me, you can do here (I’m number 65).

Love, Louise x





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