Positive Manifestation

Years ago, just after the end of a relationship, a friend of mine sent me a DVD of The Secret-it was quite a while ago…does anyone still have DVD players?

I was fascinated, but not quite convinced, by the idea that if you put something out into the universe, thought about it enough, lived your life as though you already had it, it would come to you.

Over the years there have been times when perhaps the universe has dealt me a good hand.

I spent time visualising going on a date with the really hot man I’d been texting for weeks, or finding a house which ticked all my boxes and was within budget, and those things did come about. (I went on the date-just the one though, he was hot but sadly that was about it, and I did find a house-the house I now live in.) But was that the universe or my dedication to the apps? (WhatsApp and Zoopla respectively.)

Recently, I’ve been attracted to the idea of positive manifestation-putting things out there and waiting for their arrival. But I’m sure there has to be slightly more to it than that. I’d be lying if I said I’ve done a whole lot of research into it (other than looking on Pinterest for inspiration for my own vision board) but what it has made me do is think about my goals in a positive light.

I’m someone who always seems to have a project on the go, even more so over the last year or so. Being busy and finding a creative outlet has been part of my healing process, as well as a form of escapism. But at times it can feel as though I’ve got so many things which I would like to do that it can become overwhelming and I end up doing very little.

So whether my vision board is the start of the universe manifesting its bounty on me, or a way to focus on things which I would like to come into my life in a more, well visual way, it has helped me focus on the things I would like to achieve in the coming months and years.

One of them is to write more, and here I am writing-so perhaps it’s working already.

I decided to put mine in my spare room/office/laundry dumping ground; I put up some cork tiles I found in the shed (which is mostly full of useless junk left from the previous owners, I will clear it out one day…in the distant future) and then found images in magazines which represented my goals for the future.

Picking some affirming statements, I quickly wrote them out and put them up too.

I still need to add to it, there are a few other things which I’d like to manifest into my future (a man might be nice- I have been dating someone for a few months now so *maybe* the universe already has that in hand…watch this space).

I’ve also made a few more quotes on the iPad which I want to print off and put up. (I’ve linked them here for anyone who would like to use them for their own board-sharing’s caring, as Poppy constantly tells me, when I have something she wants.)

So whether it’s through the power of positive thinking, the universe bestowing its blessings upon me, or just as a reminder that there are things which I would like to work for in the near future, my vision board is having a desired effect. If nothing else, it’s a positive focus, things which make me happy, a reminder to do more of what I love and it’s also been quite fun to make…and we all know how I love a project.