Day 9

My son’s Playstation broke last week. You could be forgiven for thinking he had lost a limb with the way he reacted.

Unable to cope with a miserable 18 year old for the next 6 months, I dipped into the rainy day fund and bought him a new one. It arrived today and he is now quite happy to be quarantined in his room for the next few months (only resurfacing for food).

Poppy asked to do some work this morning so home learning commenced again, having fallen off the bandwagon for a while now.

I was then treated to a fashion show in the garden, where I was forced to appalled and whoop as she strutted her way down the path in a variety of princess dressing-up costumes.

Her finale was Wonder Woman and she has remained in it all day. I’m not opposed to it though as the washing basket seems to be forever full at the moment. We are at home all day, how are we managing to get through so many outfits?!

Spent half an hour on the trampoline with Poppy…still aching from it now. Should probably aim to do more exercise in this time, seen as I can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

When it came to making lunch, I realised that provisions were running low so had to face the inevitable of lining up outside Sainubury’s. I’m sure I bought enough food to last at least 2 weeks when I went last week but it seems my children are locusts and have devoured everything.

Thankfully the line moved quickly and I probably spent longer walking around the car park to find the end of the queue than actually walking in the line to get back to the front of the shop.

Food shopping has become quite an anxiety producing experience, most people were adhering to the 2 metre rule but I did find myself doing more side stepping than a line dancer and never realised how often I touch my face until consciously thinking about not doing it.


Poppy wanted to build the wendy castle she bought back from her dads. Except he didn’t pack the instructions so all I had was a bag of plastic poles and joining thingys.

After nearly an hour of trial and error I finally cracked it, only to find out there was a piece missing. Thanks mate!

Decide to dismantle wendy castle, put it back in its bag and hide it in the shed, in the hope that Poppy never asks for it again.


Poppy asks to watch Number Blocks after dinner. That’s maths for the day sorted.


Poppy’s in bed.

The dishwasher is on, again.

Should tidy up the dining room but can’t be arsed. Will watch Netflix instead.

Day 3

Woke up again at 5:30am just for the luxury of having an uninterrupted hour before another day of lockdown and trying to keep Poppy busy.

The novelty of doing school work first thing in the morning has already worn off and by 10am there still isn’t a phonic card in sight.

Yesterday I was still finding Aquabeads on the floor and today Poppy is adding to them with beads from her bracelet set. I have very quickly acclimatised to the fact that the house is going to be a mess most days but as long as she is happy and busy, that’s all I care about.

Whilst she’s busy doing that, I also have to accept the fate that my acrylics need to come off. Except I have no nail varnish remover so it’s going to be more of a butchering of my nails and the likelihood that small bits of acrylic will remain until they grow out.

Whilst I napped yesterday, Poppy took full advantage of the boyfriend’s more lenient rules and took out boxes of toys from a cupboard in her room that has been untouched since we moved in…nearly two years ago.

Decided now would be a good time to tackle the cupboard and get rid of the things which we obviously don’t need.

Less than half an hour later.

Regretting the decision to tackle the cupboard with Poppy at home. She doesn’t want to part with anything and the room is a bigger mess than it was to begin with.


Can’t believe there are still so many hours to go before bedtime.

Take Poppy out into the garden even though it’s a bit nippy. She’s fine running around but I start to freeze sat outside with here. I could run around with her, but that feels like too much hard work. Instead I decide to build a fire in the fire pit with some old wood from the shed. It does the job of warming us up, as well as making me wreak of smoke.

I’m going to have to wash my hair now.

Day 2

Woke up at 5:30 am to get some work done before Poppy got up. I attempted to do some yesterday but very quickly realised that it is impossible.

Managed to get work uploaded on the website for the children of my school to access/give their parents something to try to keep the children occupied, before Poppy woke up at 7:30.

She wasn’t nearly as keen as yesterday to get on with her learning and was happy to laze on the sofa with Peppa Pig for company. Wasn’t going to protest.

Morning activities consisted of:

  • Making a book and writing the title ‘The Story of the Sassy Girl Poppy’ on the front cover. The inside was less legible in the form of several squiggly lines.
  • A phonic game which she was happy enough to play by herself and I was happy to let her.
  • Cutting up bits of paper and sticking them onto more bits of paper (which will enviably end up in the recycling bin).

That took us to 10:30 and for the first time this week I found myself looking the clock wondering if it was too soon for a glass of wine. Definitely was and seen as wine is now more rare than toilet paper, I need to make sure I am careful with the stash I do have.

Covid cohabiting is working well. The boyfriend offered to stay downstairs with Pops so I could go and have a nap, I didn’t need telling twice-my early start catching up with me.

Woke up to a scene similar to the images that have been shared online of the aftermath of the swarms of shoppers in Tesco. But I had an afternoon nap for the first time in God knows how long and it’s not as though we were expecting company any time soon.

Tidy up time.


Day 2 complete.

Day 1

Today was the first day of quarantine for us at home. Yesterday I was at work and Poppy was with her dad but amazingly in the space of just a few hours the dining room has been taken over by numerous piles of paper, pencils, baby dolls and Aquabeads (all over the floor, of course).  I think I am going to have to accept that this is the likely situation for the foreseeable future.

Started the day very proactively, probably too proactively as by 9am Poppy had finished her phonics and maths activities and the aforementioned Aquabeads arranged in some sort of Troll-like blob.

With hours left of the day, we retreated to the garden and in a moment of inspiration (or madness) I decided today was the day to finally make the mud kitchen I have been promising Poppy since last summer.

Unable to go out to buy any materials for it, searched the shed and thanks to the previous owners leaving A LOT of old scraps of wood, along with a pallet I’ve been hoarding in there for months, I  managed to scrambled together everything needed.

The boyfriend entertained Poppy whilst I got on with Project Mud Kitchen and by lunchtime she was serving us up a concoction of sand, soil and stones. Success.

The boyfriend and I decided to isolate together, taking the advice of the minister who suggested couples test their relationships and see how they fair.

So far, so good.

Quite unprepared for the lockdown, I didn’t stockpile enough food for an Armageddon so a trip to Sainsbury’s was needed. I expected to see baron shelves but surprisingly it was well stocked, including toilet roll! I never anticipated ever feeling quite so elated to put a nine pack of loo roll in my shopping trolley. But here we are.

The alcohol aisle on the other hand was a sad sight. People have obviously gone from hoarding tissue to stocking up their cupboards, garden sheds, garages, wherever everyone is keeping their loot, with wine. The aisle was bare, apart from the £20+ bottles left on the top shelves, which like everyone else who had been there before me, I couldn’t justify buying.

Got home to replenish the cupboards, have dinner (without wine) and then it was time to get Pops ready for bed.

Attempted to tidy up somewhat e.g. piling everything in one corner, knowing that it will all be taken out tomorrow morning. It feels like somewhat of a futile activity and I cannot promise that every night I will bother to restore order.