Day 1

Today was the first day of quarantine for us at home. Yesterday I was at work and Poppy was with her dad but amazingly in the space of just a few hours the dining room has been taken over by numerous piles of paper, pencils, baby dolls and Aquabeads (all over the floor, of course).  I think I am going to have to accept that this is the likely situation for the foreseeable future.

Started the day very proactively, probably too proactively as by 9am Poppy had finished her phonics and maths activities and the aforementioned Aquabeads arranged in some sort of Troll-like blob.

With hours left of the day, we retreated to the garden and in a moment of inspiration (or madness) I decided today was the day to finally make the mud kitchen I have been promising Poppy since last summer.

Unable to go out to buy any materials for it, searched the shed and thanks to the previous owners leaving A LOT of old scraps of wood, along with a pallet I’ve been hoarding in there for months, I  managed to scrambled together everything needed.

The boyfriend entertained Poppy whilst I got on with Project Mud Kitchen and by lunchtime she was serving us up a concoction of sand, soil and stones. Success.

The boyfriend and I decided to isolate together, taking the advice of the minister who suggested couples test their relationships and see how they fair.

So far, so good.

Quite unprepared for the lockdown, I didn’t stockpile enough food for an Armageddon so a trip to Sainsbury’s was needed. I expected to see baron shelves but surprisingly it was well stocked, including toilet roll! I never anticipated ever feeling quite so elated to put a nine pack of loo roll in my shopping trolley. But here we are.

The alcohol aisle on the other hand was a sad sight. People have obviously gone from hoarding tissue to stocking up their cupboards, garden sheds, garages, wherever everyone is keeping their loot, with wine. The aisle was bare, apart from the £20+ bottles left on the top shelves, which like everyone else who had been there before me, I couldn’t justify buying.

Got home to replenish the cupboards, have dinner (without wine) and then it was time to get Pops ready for bed.

Attempted to tidy up somewhat e.g. piling everything in one corner, knowing that it will all be taken out tomorrow morning. It feels like somewhat of a futile activity and I cannot promise that every night I will bother to restore order.


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