Day 2

Woke up at 5:30 am to get some work done before Poppy got up. I attempted to do some yesterday but very quickly realised that it is impossible.

Managed to get work uploaded on the website for the children of my school to access/give their parents something to try to keep the children occupied, before Poppy woke up at 7:30.

She wasn’t nearly as keen as yesterday to get on with her learning and was happy to laze on the sofa with Peppa Pig for company. Wasn’t going to protest.

Morning activities consisted of:

  • Making a book and writing the title ‘The Story of the Sassy Girl Poppy’ on the front cover. The inside was less legible in the form of several squiggly lines.
  • A phonic game which she was happy enough to play by herself and I was happy to let her.
  • Cutting up bits of paper and sticking them onto more bits of paper (which will enviably end up in the recycling bin).

That took us to 10:30 and for the first time this week I found myself looking the clock wondering if it was too soon for a glass of wine. Definitely was and seen as wine is now more rare than toilet paper, I need to make sure I am careful with the stash I do have.

Covid cohabiting is working well. The boyfriend offered to stay downstairs with Pops so I could go and have a nap, I didn’t need telling twice-my early start catching up with me.

Woke up to a scene similar to the images that have been shared online of the aftermath of the swarms of shoppers in Tesco. But I had an afternoon nap for the first time in God knows how long and it’s not as though we were expecting company any time soon.

Tidy up time.


Day 2 complete.


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