Day 3

Woke up again at 5:30am just for the luxury of having an uninterrupted hour before another day of lockdown and trying to keep Poppy busy.

The novelty of doing school work first thing in the morning has already worn off and by 10am there still isn’t a phonic card in sight.

Yesterday I was still finding Aquabeads on the floor and today Poppy is adding to them with beads from her bracelet set. I have very quickly acclimatised to the fact that the house is going to be a mess most days but as long as she is happy and busy, that’s all I care about.

Whilst she’s busy doing that, I also have to accept the fate that my acrylics need to come off. Except I have no nail varnish remover so it’s going to be more of a butchering of my nails and the likelihood that small bits of acrylic will remain until they grow out.

Whilst I napped yesterday, Poppy took full advantage of the boyfriend’s more lenient rules and took out boxes of toys from a cupboard in her room that has been untouched since we moved in…nearly two years ago.

Decided now would be a good time to tackle the cupboard and get rid of the things which we obviously don’t need.

Less than half an hour later.

Regretting the decision to tackle the cupboard with Poppy at home. She doesn’t want to part with anything and the room is a bigger mess than it was to begin with.


Can’t believe there are still so many hours to go before bedtime.

Take Poppy out into the garden even though it’s a bit nippy. She’s fine running around but I start to freeze sat outside with here. I could run around with her, but that feels like too much hard work. Instead I decide to build a fire in the fire pit with some old wood from the shed. It does the job of warming us up, as well as making me wreak of smoke.

I’m going to¬†have¬†to wash my hair now.


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