Day 9

My son’s Playstation broke last week. You could be forgiven for thinking he had lost a limb with the way he reacted.

Unable to cope with a miserable 18 year old for the next 6 months, I dipped into the rainy day fund and bought him a new one. It arrived today and he is now quite happy to be quarantined in his room for the next few months (only resurfacing for food).

Poppy asked to do some work this morning so home learning commenced again, having fallen off the bandwagon for a while now.

I was then treated to a fashion show in the garden, where I was forced to appalled and whoop as she strutted her way down the path in a variety of princess dressing-up costumes.

Her finale was Wonder Woman and she has remained in it all day. I’m not opposed to it though as the washing basket seems to be forever full at the moment. We are at home all day, how are we managing to get through so many outfits?!

Spent half an hour on the trampoline with Poppy…still aching from it now. Should probably aim to do more exercise in this time, seen as I can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

When it came to making lunch, I realised that provisions were running low so had to face the inevitable of lining up outside Sainubury’s. I’m sure I bought enough food to last at least 2 weeks when I went last week but it seems my children are locusts and have devoured everything.

Thankfully the line moved quickly and I probably spent longer walking around the car park to find the end of the queue than actually walking in the line to get back to the front of the shop.

Food shopping has become quite an anxiety producing experience, most people were adhering to the 2 metre rule but I did find myself doing more side stepping than a line dancer and never realised how often I touch my face until consciously thinking about not doing it.


Poppy wanted to build the wendy castle she bought back from her dads. Except he didn’t pack the instructions so all I had was a bag of plastic poles and joining thingys.

After nearly an hour of trial and error I finally cracked it, only to find out there was a piece missing. Thanks mate!

Decide to dismantle wendy castle, put it back in its bag and hide it in the shed, in the hope that Poppy never asks for it again.


Poppy asks to watch Number Blocks after dinner. That’s maths for the day sorted.


Poppy’s in bed.

The dishwasher is on, again.

Should tidy up the dining room but can’t be arsed. Will watch Netflix instead.


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