A few weeks after Gabriel was born I had to go to the doctors and as luck (or misfortune) would have it, there was a baby clinic on that day. I sat in the waiting room using every ounce of strength which I had left in me not to break down and scream of the injustice I had faced just days before.

It was then that I set up ‘Gabriel’s Gift’ Just Giving page, at the time I didn’t know which charity I would support, how many people would take the time to read my story or donate, if indeed any, but I had to do something. I had to try to find something that I could do for my son whilst surrounded by mothers with their tiny bundles.

Like many expectant mothers who had never suffered a loss, during my pregnancy with Gabriel I never considered the possibility that I might not go home without my son. I had no idea how high the statistics are, with one in four pregnancy ending in a empty arms and a silent nursery. I knew little about the charity Tommy’s, only knowing their name as I had seen some of their campaigns whilst pregnant.

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The summer of love-chelsea in bloom

This week I popped along to Chelsea to see the floral displays around Sloane Square. I’m not really a horticulturist and have no idea what many of the flowers were-other than very pretty…(and the obvious like roses and peonies-of which there were many!)

The theme was ‘Summer of Love’ and this reflected in some of the displays, whilst some were arches of flora as you walked into the shop…as if Jimmy Choo needs to be made any more tempting.

And as I just about know my rose from my rhododendron, (I didn’t actually know what a rhododendron was until I googled it, but now I do thanks to the need to alliterate) I haven’t got a huge amount of commentary…other than it was a very pretty afternoon, pretending to be an extra from Made in Chelsea.

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Project home: Dining room

A few months ago I put an offer in on a house. It was the first house I’d viewed in a long time (my previous house viewing experiences haven’t been great; one involved just poking my head round the corner of one of the bedroom doors as there was someone asleep in the bed!)

Some may say it was a bit hasty to make an offer on the first property I viewed but over the years I have looked at many online and gone to visit a fair few. I had a checklist of things I wanted from a house and this one ticked them all, and some. I could have either spent another few months looking at more houses and not finding what I wanted, or make an offer on a house with everything I wanted…so I did. Eeeek!

The offer was accepted and now I’m at the stage of solicitors doing their searches. I’m not entirely sure what they are searching for but I hope they find it soon as I am desperate to get in there and start making it our home.

Every room needs something doing to it…it is a bit of a project-maybe more than a bit– but it’s nothing I can’t find inspiration from Pinterest for, and then my builder make happen. I’m also planning on doing some of the work myself but nothing which involves heavy machinery or could go disastrously wrong. I hope.

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This week several things have happened which have prompted this post. Early this week, I received a message on Instagram- tragically a lady’s friend had lost her precious little babies in the second trimester. In her message she asked me how she could help her friend.

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