Mood Trackers

To say I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest over the last few months whilst renovating the house is an understatement! And whilst browsing/swooning over freestanding bathtubs and attic conversions, pictures of mood trackers often popped up in my feed.

One of the things I find helps when I am feeling at my lowest, is to remember that it doesn’t always feel like that, there are many days where I am motivated, happy, productive. So on the days when I use dry shampoo again or shock myself at the terrible state I am now comfortable with going out in, if I do indeed go out, that’s ok, because maybe tomorrow will be a better day, because the day before was.

February Mood Tracker


To download a printable PDF of this month’s tracker, click here

January Mood Tracker

MT January

If you’d like to have a go at doing the same, this little guy can be downloaded here. I’ve left the leaves in the left hand corner blank so that you can add your own ‘moods’ to each one and then use this as a key and colour each day with the ‘mood’ which best reflects it…(here’s one I did earlier as an example, obviously hoping for a happy, relaxing, motivated January.)

flamingo colour


The plan is to do one each month and I will save links to each download throughout the year here.