Doodle Pop! Etsy Shop

When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I started to make him a birth announcement mat. It was full of little doodles and spaces to write his name, birthday, weight, length…all the things you want to share when your little one arrives.

At the same time, I also made a little initial doodle for my daughter Poppy. After posting it on my Instagram, I was encouraged by so many of my followers to set up a page to share and sell my initial doodles. And that is when Doodle Pop! started.

When I went into hospital to have Gabriel, his mat wasn’t quite finished; tragically the events which unfolded meant that my little boy was born an angel and I would never get to take him home and his arrival announcement was going to be very different to what I had ever expected. My parents brought his doodle announcement mat to the hospital so that I could finish it off and take photos of my little one on it. I spent about an hour finishing the last little corner, and there was a therapy of sort, knowing that I was doing something, one of the few things I would be able to do for him.

It was this, that prompted me to think about using Doodle Pop! as a means to raise money to support charities which support research into pregnancy loss, as well as those which do such amazing work to support families in such tragic events.

Through a number of projects, funds have been raised for Remember My Baby and Tommy’s Baby Charity.

Current fundraising projects include a pdf downloadable calendar and the Little Button Pins, both with proceeds going to Tommy’s.